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What is a Rage Room?

Have you not heard of a Rage Room yet? Well hopefully this quick blog can help clear it up some, but to be honest, the best way to know what a rage room is, is to experience it first hand.

From the Wikipedia about Rage Rooms,

"A rage room, also known as a smash room or anger room, is a business where people can vent their rage by destroying objects within a room.

Rage rooms may consist of fake living rooms and kitchens with replicas of furnishings and objects such as televisions and desks. The company may allow clients to bring their own possessions to destroy.

The first rage rooms to open were likely in Japan in 2008 or earlier. The concept spread to other countries, such as Serbia, England, and Argentina. Today, there are hundreds of rage rooms in cities in the United States."

At Outburst Rage Room we have our ragers suit up in a full body jumpsuit to protect the skin from any dirt and debris. We also have hard hats with face shields and grip gloves for everyone to wear while smashing stuff in the room.

We record all sessions with a GoPro camera and for any package valued at $50 or more will get a copy of their video emailed to them within 72 hours of their session ending.

To book a session click Book Now at the top of, select the package you would like, select the time and fill out all of the forms to book.

Before your arrival please have all participants fill out our online waiver here

We are doing private and small group sessions. Currently no walk-ins allowed. If you have any questions email us at or call us at (951) 694-6944

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