Axe Throwing 

(coming soon)

$20 per person - 30 minutes

$30 per person - 60 minutes

Virtual Reality Gaming 

(Book Now)

$20 per person - 30 minutes

$30 per person - 60 minutes

Add-Ons (coming soon)

$10 - Woojer Vest 

$10 - Kat Walk C

VR Games Available:


Half-Life: Alyx



Gun Club VR

Suicide Guy VR

Dream Golf VR

Tilt Brush

Epic Roller Coasters

Aperture Hand Lab

Rage Boosters & Add-ons

When you arrive for your scheduled session there may  be additional items to choose from as Add-ons to your chosen package. These items may not always be available. 

The Add-ons may include but are not limited to TVs, Cabinets, Guitars, Computers, Printers, Old Furniture, Speakers,  Piggy Banks, Small Appliances & more.

Rage Boosters are available to add additional time to your session. They can be purchased in as little as 15 minute increments at a rate of $1 per minute. However if you do not purchase the additional time when you first book your package it may not be available when you arrive if other sessions are booked right after yours.