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The Rules

Even though a Rage Room is a fun place to just let go and RAGE, there are a few rules that must be in place for the safety of all participants, spectators and staff. If any of these rules are broken you may be asked to leave.

1. Participants must be at least 18 years of age or require a parent/guardian present to fill out any necessary waivers. Rage Room participation is 13 years or older. VR gaming ages 6 and up.

2. Participants must have a signed waived (digital or in person) before entering the activity area.

3. Closed toed shoes are required to enter the activity area (ankle socks or higher recommended).

4. All weapons/tools will be provided by Outburst, you can bring your own breakables to add to your package as long as they are safe to break, but not your own weapons/tools.

5. All outside breakables/donations must be reviewed by our staff prior to entering the rage room for safety. Items such as fluorescent lightbulbs, batteries, power tools and CRT TVs (flat screens are okay) are not allowed due to hazardous materials found inside of them.

6. You may use your own phone/camera to take pictures, videos or live stream your session, however we will film every session with a GoPro and your session can be purchased at an additional cost.* Outburst Rage Room will not be held liable for any broken equipment you bring in to the rage room, so please be careful.

*A time lapse Rage Room video is included at no additional charge on any rage room package valued at $60 and up. Video links will be emailed to you within a few days of your session.

7. If you or anyone in your party appears to be intoxicated that person(s) will not be allowed to participate in the Rage Room, but they are welcome to spectate and hang out until you are done.

8. While in the rage room breakables can be thrown, but please ONLY throw them at the concrete wall or floor. If any participant purposely throws any item or weapon anywhere other than the concrete wall/floor and break any lights, cameras or speakers they may be held liable for the full cost to replace the broken item(s).

9. The only items we ask not be destroyed is our metal barrels that we reuse as tables in the room. They are going to get hit as you are breaking items, but please don't beat on the barrels with a sledgehammer.

10. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your scheduled session and have not called ahead to let us know you are running late, you may have to reschedule your session, so it does not interfere with groups scheduled after you.

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